Home Improvement Using Feng Shui

Any building which is formed in accordance with ecological design, topography and conservation indirectly meets the basic principles of feng shui. House, apartment or office such as this will be able to activate the areas of health, business, career, fortune and romance the inhabitants.

The many benefits of feng shui is actually derived from two things. First, provide a relief space for the flow of energy (chi) positive. Then the second one which repel negative chi. It will tantamount to always provide a positive influence and freeing family members from the bad influence of negative chi.

Having watched both chi, do not forget to managing the home with attention to nine areas in it. The determination of these nine areas are adjusted for the nine directions of the compass.

Here are some tips that can help the energy (chi) to flow better in your home:

1. Like a classic chair that must have addition to his left and right hand, classical feng shui for the location of the house too. Search and find the location of the house has two small hills in front, the higher hill behind the house, and there is a water element in front of the dwelling.

2. The door to the front (entrance) and back home should not be parallel. The goal is that chi which gives good luck to you and your family are not straight out.

3. In addition to avoiding live in a house located on a skewer, just ignore the advertising sales house located in the middle of a meeting of three roads which form the letter Y. It would be a lot of obstacles encountered in this house, from the crowded and noisy sound, lots of dust, health and safety of residents who were disrupted by permanent residence in the area which is tapered.

4. Build a house with foundation box-shaped or square because it describes the balance. Avoid the lines peculiar / irregular.

5. The house you are in front of a river or lake? Make sure the water element is slow because the wing can be used as a symbol of wealth that will come your way. Conversely, if the river or lake behind the house means that wealth will stay away from the lives of residents.

6. Tata front yard and side main entrance to provide a vast place against the entry of the flow of positive chi. If there are trees that have died or spiky leaved plants, immediately get rid of because it hinders the positive chi into the house.

7. The bed should be located behind the main line of the horizontal center of the house for strength, support and protection. Decoration of the all pairs very well to support life that have been paired. Set up and clean up your bedroom from used goods, cracked or old because it contains a lot of negative chi.

8. All the doors and windows should be open freely. Open the windows once a day. If you want to build houses, create a window with size proportional to the door and the house. Do not leave any windows the jammed or had not been opened for years. The goal for the sake of maintaining harmony for the occupants of the house.

9. Avoid properties near the tower generators, transformers, hospital, cemetery and mortuary. The energies are brought in and removed from various places is often not good if adjacent to residential.

10. Avoid the bathroom near the main entrance and immediately visible when you go into the house. Also, avoid building a bathroom on the second floor which is right below the main entrance. Position like this can bring bad luck, bad luck, or great calamity.

11. Place the desk on the north side of an office or home so that creativity and inventiveness will increase as well. For the layout of the kitchen, place it on the south of the house. The south is believed to be the point of fire that would be very appropriate if it is filled with kitchen.

12. Clean porch and set it properly so that positive energy can go into the house.